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    PART 55 - July 2017 -

    This is a log of canoe trips I've been on since joining SOTP. Or at least the ones that have been blogged. Click on the pictures to see the full blogs and trip reports.

    208. Burnmouth to Berwick upon Tweed, July 2017

    A cross border paddle down the coast, from Burnmouth in Scotland to Berwick upon Tweed in England, with a shuttle by bus. Quite a long and increasingly hard paddle in big swell and strange seas, finishing up at a caravan site up a cliff on the outskirts of Berwick.

    209. Forth Bridges, July 2017

    Dawn over the three Forth Bridges. Got up really early to be on the water at sunrise. Amazing light and perfect, glass calm sea. Crossed under the rail bridge to North Queensferry, then under the Road Bridge and back under the nearly finished Queensferry Crossing.

    More to follow in due course. (I hope!!)