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  1. Dust by friction....

    So the Mrs. is out tonight, and I'm bored. You can probably guess what happens next!

    A few bits of wood out of the shed, an old piece of rope from the sailing bag, and I'm all ready to make some flames!! Except unsurprisingly I'm not.

    All I've succeeded in doing is making a decent amount of smoke, and some hot-ish dust, but nothing that could as yet be called an ember. I suspect my drill is too green / damp. Unfortunately I can't find anything better to use at the moment, ...
  2. Winterly paddle trip part 2

    So finally we reached the lunxch spot were afriendly paddle companion showed up

    After lunch the river widened a bit and we came out into the meadows

    but still there ...
  3. winterly paddle trip

    at the 29th of december friend Enno and me met for a day trip on the River Bever here in northern germany. Around 10:00 at the put in.
    Me dressing up

    Enno controlling his watertight bag

    and finally the put in
  4. Site Update Blogg

    I guess it is time to test the blogg feature. This is of course designed to be used as a traditional blog as opposed to the SotP bloggs of trips.

    I'm not sure if this feature will stay activated but as long as it is here I guess I should give it a test.