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    PART 56 - September 2017 - October 2017

    This is a log of canoe trips I've been on since joining SOTP. Or at least the ones that have been blogged. Click on the pictures to see the full blogs and trip reports.

    212. North Berwick, September 2017

    A jaunt out from the beach at North Berwick in the packraft. With some kiting thrown in.

    213. Loch Tummel, October 2017

    Autumn colours on Loch Tummel in the Prism. With Allypally in her inflatable. Also featuring kelly kettle and a mini fungal foray.

    214. River Almond, October 2017

    An exploratory paddle with the packrafts down the River Almond and onward out to sea, ending up on Cramond Island. In the autumn sunshine and with a strong tailwind. Featuring some good whitewater rapids along the way.

    More to follow in due course. (I hope!!)
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