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    PART 54 - June 2017 -

    This is a log of canoe trips I've been on since joining SOTP. Or at least the ones that have been blogged. Click on the pictures to see the full blogs and trip reports.

    204. Moray Firth and Cromarty Forth, June 2017

    Two paddles in one day, in the north east. First from Chanonry Point to Fort George on the Moray Firth. Second from Cromarty out past the Sutors and then across to visit an abandoned oil rig. Hoping to spot dolphins, which we did, eventually, from the Nigg ferry.

    205. Kyle of Tongue, Sutherland, June 2017

    A paddle on the North Coast, out to and round the Rabbit Islands in the Kyle of Tongue, from Talmine. Featuring an early bath in a rock pool, some great rocky coastlines and caves and beaches, new territory to explore and some challenging water in places. Finished up by a cycle to John O'Groats.

    More to follow in due course. (I hope!!)
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