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  1. Just notice my last post was over 2 years ago

    I'm laid up with another bad cold, and don't have a hughe list of things to do when laying here so had a hunt around the site, I realised that I'd left a lot open ended from my last post.

    I'd been trying to find out more about the fishing around the loch, I've met some really nice people and angling groups, (leaving out the morales of fishing) they do care leave the place clean when their finished, but I've met some others too, and some I'd like to meet.

    A constant around ...
  2. A bit more of my John Muir Award

    Itís taken longer than I thought for me to post part two,
    I want to tell how I came to find Castle Semple, a bit about my work, and what Iíve done to find out more.
    As some of you will know Iím originally from N.Ireland. Through mutual friends I met a wonderful Scots lass, and after some time travelling back and forth I moved in. A friend of Annís told her that a centre at Lochwinnoch was advertising for instructors. I can remember my first trip out to the loch. Ann got me on her car ...
  3. Starting My John Muir Award

    Last year several of the instructors at Castle Semple received training allowing them to deliver the John Muir Trust Awards. I was the first to take a group towards the award. I decided that as Iím delivering the award I should do my own. I came up with a plan and sent it off to the John Muir Trust Awards body and received encouragement and suggestion, and it was accepted.
    I was taking on the Discover level award which is the first and should have been the shortest to do. To gain the award ...