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  1. Cradle to Canoe; A review
  2. Canoe Camping: An Essential Guide - Mark Scriver
  3. Hammock Camping, by Ed Speer
  4. Expedition Canoeing, Cliff Jacobson
  5. The lonely land
  6. Moveable Feasts; a book review
  7. Canoeing: Outdoor Adventures, Patricia S. Dillon and Jeremy Oyen
  8. "Discover Canoeing- a complete introduction to open canoeing" by James Weir. A review
  9. Canoeing with the Cree by Eric Sevareid
  10. Irish Canoe Classics by Eddie Palmer and Tony Monaghan; A Review
  11. Canoeing by Ray Goodwin
  12. Great Glen Canoe Trail by Donald MacPherson. Mini review and reviewer request.
  13. Canoeing The Congo by Phil Harwood
  14. Canoe Camping - by Tim Gent: a review
  15. Canoeing around the Cairngorms
  16. Canoeing by Ray Goodwin - 2nd Edition
  17. River of Fire - Hap Wilson
  18. The Blue Bear
  19. Spirit of the Vikings
  20. A Boat in our Baggage
  21. Jungle Islands
  22. Men. Rivers and Canoes
  23. The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crow
  24. Three day road
  25. Kayak by William Nealy
  26. SAS Survival Manual
  27. Ashley Book of Knots
  28. Heavy Weather Sailing - Adlard Coles
  29. The Dangerous River - R.M. Patterson
  30. Death on the Barrens - George James Grinnell
  31. Late Nights on air - Elizabeth Hay
  32. Paddle North - Jennifer Kingsley
  33. A History of Canada in Ten Maps - Adam Shoalts
  34. The Only Kayak -Kim Heacox
  35. One Man's Wilderness
  36. Review - The Pull of the River: A Journey into the Wild and Watery Heart of Britain
  37. The Trade - Fred Stenson
  38. Dances With The Danube
  39. Rivieres nature en Kayak Gonflable
  40. Complete Folding Kayaker