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  1. Found this VIDEO on UK River Access
  2. Being Sued for Trespass
  3. More fun for the DEE
  4. Public Perception of Paddling and Paddlers – are we shooting ourselves in the foot?
  5. sporting rights!!
  6. Should we pay for an EA license to paddle?
  7. worrying article from the angling trust
  8. Dovedale open for canoeing
  9. The Power of the Pen
  10. Weirs and canoe passes
  11. 1472 Act for the taking away of Wears and Fishgarthes- the truth
  12. Keep Access in perspective
  13. Is it time for paddlers and anglers to settle their differences?
  14. Moderating the access campaign forum
  15. Together.we.achieve.more.
  16. Clarifying my position
  17. Access Campaign Forum - General Membership Concerns
  18. Guardian columnist on access
  19. Another point of view...
  20. Neath canal
  21. river derwent yorkshire
  22. Will the Anglers win?
  23. Canoeing in Sites of Special Scientific Interest
  24. Threat to access from Proposed Anti Social Behaviour Law
  25. Do you paddle the Teme?
  26. River Cam - Now covered by Canoe England License
  27. Canoe England get hip to Facebook
  28. Canoe England membership question
  29. What we have lost
  30. Places to go North West please
  31. River Don paddler challenged
  32. Access Information Card - Would you want some?
  33. New Anti-social behaviour bill could affect river acess?
  34. Lake of Menteith - Any access issues??
  35. Lobbying Opportunity?
  36. River Wharfe access?
  37. Frome access {Dorset}
  38. Paddler fights for right to paddle (over the pond)
  39. BBC on Access
  40. Permission to launch
  41. Hampshire Avon - just a quick warning
  42. Access ... in Wales ... woo-hoo??
  43. Folley Point, River Severn
  44. Narrowboatworld - battle between anglers and canoeists
  45. Are access arrangements legal?
  47. Coastal Path
  48. Parliamentary Protection for Navigation Rights on the River Fowey
  49. BCU Told to Put up or Shut up and Respect the law
  50. RYA interview with Crown Estates, Navigation in 12ml limit
  51. Frequently Asked Questions
  52. Weslh countryside code
  53. Access Issues To A New Level
  54. Anti-canoeing charities
  55. How do we find out who owns the land the river runs through
  56. Direct action on weir removal
  57. Licence to paddle most rivers...
  58. Derbyshire Derwent Canoe Trail
  59. access to the river Hull East Yorkshire.
  60. Interview with Kent Ford
  61. Access Questions
  62. River Tove Northants
  63. Get more canoes on rivers.
  64. rural-wales-resists-access-free-for-al
  65. I can't bring myself to pay any more fees to the BCU
  66. The CLA's viewpoint on access
  67. Welsh Survey-Economic value of Adventure Tourism
  68. An interesting Thought
  69. Irstead staithe
  70. River Navigation Laws in the USA
  71. Abuse-claim-prompts-canoe-ban-call-on-Spey-03
  72. Reservoirs?
  73. Gone!
  74. Wiltshire Police make clear their position on navigation disputes
  75. Canoe Focus October 2013
  76. Dart access blocked
  77. Limited Access to Little Ouse River in Brandon.
  78. Navigation on the River Stour in Dorset
  79. ‘Open Access’ Meeting – Denbigh 6th December.
  80. Angling Trust stepping up their campaign
  81. Paddled Water Map
  82. The right to relieve (ones self)
  83. Three Cheers for the Welsh Government
  84. The 'struggle' go's on !
  85. BMC actively campaign for access in Wales
  86. Canal Access Scheme - please help
  87. Open letter to CW
  88. petition to canoe wales
  89. A message from paddlers to the Canoe Wales board.
  90. River access YouTube channel
  91. Access on Welsh Dee
  92. Conwy Salmon
  93. Proposed restrictions on Wye from Glasbury to Hay
  94. What's up with WUF?
  95. Carsington Water
  96. river access for all website down
  97. Charlecote Park - Warwickshire Avon Access
  98. Birdwatchers anger over licence to kill
  99. Derbyshire Derwent Catchment Workshops
  100. Scottish Dee Clarification.
  101. Wikipedia Entry
  102. Licence or not?
  103. Hampshire Avon Christchurch Loop
  104. River Yealm, South Devon advice please
  105. Rivers Trust - Get involved
  106. Large Woody Debris Read all about it
  107. River Hamps - Peak District
  108. The meaning of "navigable"
  109. Wales Open for Canoeing
  110. Fish legal publishes its legal opinion on misusing and omitting information
  111. The skipjack argument
  112. Access Debate - who wants it here?
  113. Wild Fishing Wales, How they spend £2,600,000
  114. Relevance of historical river use and acts?
  115. For those who think there's a war on...........
  116. Access Agreements were illegal in 1388! What has changed?
  117. From an angler.....
  118. Resevoir Access
  119. hazelford lock
  120. Threatened Legal Action by Angling Trust
  121. Llangorse lake
  122. Protection of Salmon
  123. Welsh Dee access
  124. New Face Book access campaign group
  125. Government policy on outdoor sport and recreation' debate
  126. Watch the One Show at 7.00 p.m.
  127. Progress on Coastal Path
  128. What happens to the "right to roam" if Scotland goes it alone?
  129. Access Rights
  130. Halton Rapids, River Lune, Lancaster Town Centre.
  131. Water Bailiff's
  132. A rallying call to river access!
  133. Rallying call for river/estuary access!
  134. Keeping the pressure up on NRW and EA (England)
  135. Acess to river teme???
  136. Severn Catchment
  137. North West Access Seminar
  138. NW England Access Seminar
  139. Origins of the MAGNA CARTA on BBC iPlayer
  140. Remember Clause 33 ....... or Forget Magna Carta!
  141. The First English Coast to Coast Canoe Trail, 150 miles
  142. A model to follow?
  143. Letters to Welsh Assembly, Government and Party Leaders
  144. Anglers Trust Letter to EA
  145. River Calder Paddling - Access Court Case
  146. Access Issue in Cambridge
  147. Enforce Clause 33 Leaflet from Douglas Caffyn
  148. Public Right of Navigation Current Case Law by Andy Biddulph
  149. Tidal lagoon power proposals
  150. Right to navigate on the River Arun?
  151. Brecon Beacons National Park "Water Trail Leaflet"
  152. Sad news from the Spey
  153. The Ancient and Modern
  154. Is there a reduction in conflict?
  155. River Medway clean up paddle
  156. Barbed wire across the Bain!! (Linconshire)
  157. Possibly relevant legal case?
  158. River Mole (Surrey) clean up paddle 2015
  159. SPIRIT OF KINDER Event, 25th April 2015
  160. Ea advice on the Wye
  161. loch lomond last chance to maintain the access
  162. Arrogant landowner attitude to public safety
  163. Abbey River (Thames)- added gravel beds impact on navigation.
  164. General access in wales
  165. Great Ouse Lazy Otter EA funded fishing platforms
  166. Beaulieu River
  167. Access in the USA is not that easy it seems....
  168. River Mole Himalayan Balsalm pulling
  169. British Canoeing Access & Environment Workshops
  170. Celebration Paddles
  171. River Wensum Consultation
  172. RIVER TEME, £3m restoration plan.
  173. Magna Carta celebrations begin on River Thames
  174. Welsh Gov Green Paper 2015
  175. Hoveton Great Broad Access
  176. Changes to portage points at Barcombe Mills on the Sussex Ouse
  177. Have things started to change?
  178. Access to River Tees
  179. Access Conflict In America
  180. Magna carta clause 33 what dies it mean for us idiots out here.
  181. Transfer of craft between a PRN and adjacent PRW
  182. BOPA, is it DEAD?
  183. SE region ACM and waterways and Environment workshop
  184. World Rivers Day Sunday 27th September 2015
  185. Welsh Access Review TIME IS NEARLY UP - HAVE YOUR SAY!
  186. Broads Local Access Forum - URGENT!
  187. Mile End Mill micro hyrdo
  188. Proposed Section 11 Exemption
  189. Motorised Canoe - Where is it legal?
  190. New access in Mid Wales
  191. Access on the Wensum
  192. Waters of Wales community campaigning for Land Reform in Wales
  193. Waterways & Environment Updates
  194. Mineral Extraction Consultations
  195. Angling Trust and Fish Legal update
  196. River Lune Halton Hydro access
  197. Summary of responses to last year's responsible access consultation.
  198. Buckenham Marsh Access
  199. Bassenthwaite lake permit
  200. British Canoeing Regional Consultations
  201. Dangerous barrier erected by Dee Valley Fishing Syndicate
  202. Access lower Afon glaslyn
  203. Do I actually need a licence to paddle ?
  204. River Ure Below Slenningford
  205. River Medway
  206. Norfolk, Middle Level, Upwell 3 Holes etc
  207. River Wye access
  208. Access point to River Wensum in Fakenham, Norfolk?
  209. Taplow Riverside - Thames & Jubilee River
  210. Welsh Countryside Access Petition Hand-over
  211. Confusing!
  212. Canal wild camping
  213. River tamar
  214. Defra again contradict the AT claim that the law is clear
  215. Canoe Wales Statement Regarding Accusation of Trespass on the River Dee
  216. Paddling can interfere with other water-users. An angling perspective.
  217. Llangollen Maelor Anglers / Midland Flyfishers v Povey
  218. Mass Paddle
  219. Marine Planning
  220. Welsh Government - access proposal?
  221. Brexit and how it may help access
  222. Public Staithes on The Norfolk & Suffolk Broads (implications elsewhere?)
  223. Access to the Thames near Faringdon
  224. Castle Mill Stream Oxford
  225. Lulle brook
  226. Waterways & Environment Regional Events
  227. Incident at Carron Reservoir
  228. Rutland Water Access
  229. Access to Inland Water in new Welsh Government Consultation
  230. Thames at Hampton
  231. Can you still wild camp on Inchconnachan
  232. Nene access at Ditchford Lock (cafe, showers, parking...)
  233. Why are SUPs permitted but not kayaks at Sailing Clubs?
  234. River Wensum Strategy Meeting 26th July
  235. Coniston Water
  236. Historic Rights of Way
  237. Waterways where licence not required
  238. River Mole
  239. Welsh Government Consultation on Access to the Outdoors
  240. Hampshire Avon - Ringwood to Christchurch
  241. Sussex Ouse
  242. Access to river Avon Warwickshire
  243. Trespass Advice
  244. Barcombe Mills
  245. Inverpolly – as wilderness like as you’ll get in the UK – you’d think.
  246. Wild camping river wye in May ?
  247. Useful survey from The Ramblers
  248. Mapping historic use of rivers
  249. Oh the irony
  250. New old canoe