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  1. John Bulls Books?
  2. Attaching sails to masts / spars...
  3. Bale vs. Bail - plus bailing and bailing (including out)...
  4. Tacking Outriggers
  5. First trip out for the Sailing Canoe
  6. A talk about outriggers
  7. Help with Royalex Hull selection?
  8. Project electric bailer.
  9. The Open Canoe Sailing Group Solent Meet
  10. The Open Canoe Sailing Group - Last Chance Meet - Coniston Water
  11. Sailing Canoe - Capsize Recovery Practice
  12. Varieties of Fun 01 - weird and wonderful ways of harnessing the wind :D
  13. Varieties of Fun 02 - 16x30 tradition, and old-school footage from the 1930s :D
  14. Varieties of Fun 03 - Dave Gentry's skin-on-frame "Olympia" :D
  15. My home made mast mount-work in progress
  16. Ye Olde Worlde RYA Dinghy Cruising Scheme...
  17. Tassles on the lunatic fringe.
  18. Varieties of Fun 04 - 13 sq.m. of sail on a 17' open with hydrofoils!
  19. How Heavy Is Yours?
  20. Developing Cruising Skills
  21. Mull circumnavigation
  22. Canoe Trailer Idea
  23. Kite Sailing and Leeboards
  24. Bute blog
  25. Weight of Solway Dory outriggers
  26. Folding crossbeam advice
  27. Eddrachillis Bay Sailing - Week Commencing 17th June 2013
  28. drop on lee boards
  29. Main sheet bridles
  30. Mast foot size
  31. Reefing down versus windage in strong winds
  32. Mast/Lee board position
  33. Light Reading
  34. I found this and thought of you
  35. sf guide 18 tri
  36. Old Town Tripper or Mohawk Blazer?
  37. The latest from Woodworms laboratory
  38. Spray Deck MkII
  39. Self made SD style outrigger advice?
  40. Everglades Challenge 2013 is underway
  41. sailing a coleman 15?????????
  42. A few days last "summer"
  43. Is there anyone who can convert my ranger 14?(near portsmouth)
  44. Performance High Speed Canoe Sailing
  45. Open Canoe Sailing Group Rutland Water meet 12-14 April
  46. A Lemming Flies - prospector catamaran lake trials
  47. Varieties of Fun 05 - Live Aboard?
  48. 17' Chestnut Sailing Canoe
  49. The End of an Era - John Bull has died
  50. Canoe modifications - would like advice
  51. Advice, can anyone help please.
  52. Advice about getting started in canoe sailing
  53. Coastal sailing blogg
  54. Creating a rubbing strip on my Hull
  55. The Flying Lemming on Poole harbour
  56. Absolutely no idea
  57. A canoe sail from a dinghy sail
  58. Custom sails
  59. Windsurf Masts - Advice required & photos too please!
  60. Cash on the hip, this could be of interest to you
  61. A Paddle-Sailing Set up - Wenonah Aurora
  62. Using a CE Button and Plumb Bob to locate Leeboard thwart.
  63. Newby Canoe Sailer - Qustion
  64. Reefing system
  65. Purchase of a 50/50 sailing canoe
  66. DIY Pop up sail. What's the best shape?
  67. Chasewater - Training Meet - June 2013
  68. Do you know the order these three rudder shapes should stall?
  69. Poole sailing canoe meet
  70. What material for homemade sail?
  71. "A how-to on making sails the right way, even in polytarp" by Todd Bradshaw
  72. HELP rigging grumman sail
  73. Stumbled upon an old Grumman canoe with a sail rig..
  74. Bob's VERY ROUGH draft of a workshop Handout
  75. Old Town with Home Built Rig.
  76. Rutland Water - This Weekend (10th - 11th Aug)
  77. New Member, Looking for information about KayakSailor 1.6m rig...
  78. Bolger Design Theory
  79. Hello Sailors.
  80. For a more relaxed approach to canoe sailing....
  81. windward lee board
  82. simple downwind sailing solo
  83. simple downwind sail plans anyone
  84. Thermarest chair kits
  85. Alongside rudder?
  86. Suggestions for a Wood Canoe build, With Sail of Course
  87. swallow sandpiper canoe
  88. Cockleshell heros boats had sails and outriggers
  89. Anyone want to swap their SD 25 or 35 sq ft lugsail for my 44 sq ft bermudan?
  90. raptor sailing canoe
  91. Selway Fisher with Mirror Dinghy set up?
  92. Ideas for a mast support for a wood canvas canoe
  93. Green Bean on a summer cruise
  94. location of flotation
  95. 3. Segelcriterium Kanu Club Hanseat / Club Race in Germany
  96. Homemade Sail & Rig
  97. When is a sailing canoe not a canoe, when it's a duck punt
  98. eliminating hull flex
  99. Considering clamp-on rig for merrimack tennessean
  100. Wanted - SD Expedition Sail
  101. Tar Covered Basketwork Sailing Canoe
  102. First sailing rig help?
  103. Rigging a mizzen/boomkin on Grumman
  104. Images of Grumman canoes and rigs.
  105. The ubiquitous Grumman rudder fitting--help needed!
  106. Replicating the SD Rig in North America
  107. Canoe - Rudder & Tiller Ideas
  108. Traveler Advice on Sailing Canoe
  109. Timber Quest: searching for spars, thwarts, and other wood
  110. Attaching side buoyancy bags to aluminum canoe
  111. Everglades Challenge Documentary Video
  112. Refurbishing the Nautilus
  113. rigging lug sail on grumman 17
  114. "How do I best run downwind on open water"
  115. Bad workman blaming tools?
  116. Rudder size for next sailing canoe project
  117. Fitting sailing rigs on folding kayaks
  118. Canoe sailing blog along West Coast of Anglesey
  119. Open Canoe Sailing on Barton Broad - 6th to 8th of June 2014
  120. Historic footnotes
  121. Lateen Sail Rig- help & Advice
  122. Aca sailing?!
  123. Sail Formula?!
  124. Leeboard, rudder and tiller free to a good home
  125. Me and my Endless River sail
  126. Leeboard/Jammed paddle shape
  127. Slow progress
  128. Maiden (sailing) voyage of self-built boat, with Solway Dory lugsail.
  129. We had a plan to go for a paddle but...
  130. Sailing with steam and duckweed
  131. A Sail Along The Mournes Coast
  132. Mast thwarts and outriggers - the latest from Woodworms laboratory
  133. Extended stern seat early review
  134. Polytarp experimental rig
  135. Flotation
  136. Chinese lug on the Weaver.
  137. Canoe Sailing around the Isle of Sheppey.
  138. What is a dinghy?
  139. Wanted Wenonah ICF C2
  140. Apache Tribe: Sailing Canoe?
  141. Leeboard Hydrofoil Orientation
  142. Homemade Sail for Inflatable Sevylor
  143. Mast Specs
  144. Wet 'n Wild Severn canoe sail
  145. sail numbers ?
  146. IV. Segelcriterium in Bremen/Germany: The Film
  147. Centreboard?
  148. a question
  149. diy outriggers on windermere
  150. diy sail rig
  151. Which sail shape is best - Little Idea wanted to know....
  152. maximum distance canoe sailed in a day.
  153. Canoe Sailing & possible Training - Rutland, June 2015
  154. Nene Valley Meet -East Midlands - 8th & 9th of August 2015
  155. Solway Dory 35 sq ft Bermudan sail sought.
  156. Race News on the V. Segelcriterium in Bremen, Germany
  157. Will this work?
  158. A notable milestone in the modern revival - and a good excuse to eat cake!
  159. Rudders for Sailing Canoes
  160. A pic of my new Optimist sail on canoe.
  161. Setup for Lanteen rig (?) on Apache 16
  162. Sponsons v outriggers
  163. Stingray Saddle - flexible seating for a paddling/sailing/solo/tandem setup?
  164. Blue skies, a flat sea and a decent breeze (most of the time!)
  165. Two smaller leeboards or one larger one?
  166. aluminum or EMT mast ?
  167. Another little jaunt in Scotland
  168. Products to epoxy mast block to Aluminum hull??
  169. Keel vs leeboards
  170. starting over. better idea?
  171. improved DIY mast step and keeper
  172. Poles dimension
  173. Is there a average (?) recommended height for a boom ?
  174. Around the Isle of Wight
  175. helmsman overboard
  176. hello - about to build a sailing canoe - choices....
  177. when does a sailing canoe become a trimaran?
  178. making a canoe sail
  179. DIY sailing kit build - 15' NC Prospector
  180. Blue Canoe Launch and Sailing
  181. Square Rigs
  182. plywood IC?
  183. Looking for a 15' Canoe
  184. suggestions for Selkie (SF waterman 16)
  185. leeboard
  186. Ive had enough of not being able to go out sailing.
  187. Vintage Wooden sailing canoe spotted for sale
  188. reducing power with sail modification
  189. "How it all went wrong": a sobering tale of complacency and a near miss...
  190. square footage reduction and 'roughly' corresponding power/speed reduction
  191. New to the forum
  192. Raid extreme, Lauwersmeer, Netherlands, 3 september 2016
  193. Will my hobie cat rudder work?
  194. likely characteristics of roughly 55 sq ft lateens with different proportions
  195. Fulmar Sailing Canoe
  196. Update
  197. The Old Town Wahoo sailing canoe
  198. Mast Float
  199. Camping Contraption
  200. first sail and worried about leaboards
  201. Sail shape/Rig suggestions
  202. mast rake question
  203. Sailing into the wind help
  204. Leeboard size
  205. Down wind sailing
  206. Motor sailing techique?
  207. field (beep hits the fan) reefing a snarkish lateen
  208. Review Canoe Sailing Rig "Expedition Rig"
  209. The Swiss Capsize Recovery Technique
  210. Homemade Bermudan sail rig recap, thank you and next steps
  211. Rudder Size
  212. valkyriecraft
  213. 12' x 30" open canoe with lug rig
  214. The Solway Dory Crew.
  215. First impressions SD Open Shearwater
  216. Canoe sailing 2016
  217. Recommendations for sailing thwart and mast foot?
  218. Datchet waters open canoe sailing trip Feb 18th
  219. Sailing a canoe: a wilderness trip in Sweden
  220. Hi! And a question about a mastfoot.
  221. Some canoe rigs
  222. Bufflehead Sailing Canoe
  223. Aluminum Mast Tube Selection Advice Needed
  224. Lateen sails to build
  225. Donor Sail to Convert to expedition bermudan. Advice welcome.
  226. My new sailing canoe set-up: Metzeler sail on a Old Town Discovery 169
  227. How/where do you sit/kneel when paddle sailing?
  228. Sailing Canoe fixing project photo documentation
  229. Building a light rig for a 17ft canoe
  230. Squirrely lateen sail
  231. New Tri Hulls for the Grumman 17
  232. Grumman Sailing Canoe
  233. SD Expedition Rig - centre or aft main sheet?
  234. Mast foot bearing for reefing by turning the mast?
  235. Snake River 12 sailing canoe
  236. Windpaddle - where does the lee-board go?
  237. Inflatable floats
  238. Pakcanoe sailing rig
  239. Solwaydory expedition bermuda rig for sale
  240. Safety measures : tether.
  241. SD Shearwater question
  242. Gunwale Clamps or Ratchet Straps?
  243. Sailing canoe camping
  244. Rudder or no rudder for 18ft sailing canoe
  245. VII. Segecriterium 2017: Der Film
  246. 1938 Peterborough Model 20 Repair Questions
  247. Asymmetric GRP leeboard
  248. Double bladed canoe paddle
  249. The mersey canoe
  250. What about Solway Expedition Rig on a Light Wight Carbon Canoe?